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Rum Rebellion - Blackwater

by Jack at 10:47PM, January 17th, 2014
rrblackwater 1. Blackwater
2. Stand Up
3. Leave It All Behind
4. Take To The Streets
5. The Tale Of Terrible Tilly
6. Anthem For The Punx
7. Cheers To You
8. The Grindstone
9. Marble Mountain Jig
10. Another Drinking Song
11. The Rusty Cannonball
12. Liquor Of Life
13. Hell

This album and the band Rum Rebellion are something unique. The genre of music this band/album belongs to probably doesn't exist yet, but if I were to attempt to label them, I would probably say they were piratey, irishy, street punky, indiey (it's a new word I'm going to trademark), punk rock. All their albums are a musical medley of various traditional instruments alongside modern instruments. In their past albums, they have used instruments such as the bouzouki, banjo, concertina, and fiddle. Now they've added the tin whistle in conjunction with the acoustic guitar, bass, electric guitar, and drums. This, combined with the lyrics of the songs being more of like telling a tale, makes this band stand out from the rest of your usual traditional Irish or pirate sounding punk bands. Some of the songs in the Blackwater album have been re-recorded with different instruments giving the same songs new life and new melody. The strong intrumental intro also sets up the mood for what to expect later on in the album.

What makes this album something worth listening to besides the music are the lyrics to the songs. Each song tells a tale with a different vibe. There's a song called "Hell" which tells a tale about counting the last moments of your life and regretting what you've done while being alive. "The Grindstone" telling a tale about how work is inevitable because you need money to do anything and the only way to get money is to work. "The Tale Of Terrible Tilly" where the title speaks for itself, along with the rest of the songs [tales] in the album, makes it sound like you're listening to a fun musical storybook with each chapter [song] being composed in a unique sound and vibe. The composition of every song has a different blend of street punk, traditional Irish sounds, and acoustics making every track interesting and sophisticated.

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