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Evacuate - Our Lives

by Jack at 2:57AM, May 29th, 2014
evacuateourlives A. Our Lives
B. Rage

The band Evacuate have always been one of those bands with a diverse and ever changing lineup. What makes this particular Evacuate lineup interesting is the sound that came out of their latest album titled "Our Lives". The diversity has produced a very unique sound that only comes from the convergence of multiple [awesome] bands. If you've heard of the bands Sayaka, Cheap Sex, the Lab Rats, and liked those bands, you will definitely like this album. Both songs express the sophisticated melodies that can only come out of a Sayaka style rhythm guitar and a strong Lab Rats style lead guitar, then top it off with the vocals that you can only get from a Mike Virus. If you've never heard of those bands or names and you happen to like this album, you'll definitely like those bands previously mentioned as those sounds are the building blocks of this album.

Aside from the sound, the lyrics to both the songs are very down to reality and true to the punk rock philosophy (well, mine at least). Our Lives is about taking control of your own life and having a direction on where you want your life to go, not what anyone else tells you. Of course everyone has differing opinions on how "your life" should be, but the way the song is sung expresses morality rather than say a crazy do whatever the hell I want type lifestyle. The second song Rage sounds like it was written from personal experience with the use of "my" and "I" in the lyrics. It really sounds like it came from the inside and those kinds of "passionate" type lyrics really makes a song come alive.

Definitely an album worth getting. It will really speak to you about what the punk rock philosophy is all about with music.

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