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Combat Crisis - Face The Crowd

by Jack at 3:00AM, May 10th, 2010
combatcrisisfacethecrowd 1. We Represent
2. D.T.T.R.
3. World Won't Wait
4. Fool Me Twice
5. Combat Crisis
6. Your Life
7. Listen Up!
8. 40 CCs
9. Not Afraid
10. Misled
11. Face The Crowd
12. Out Of Luck
13. Nothing To Lose

Combat Crisis's album Face The Crowd is one of those highly energetic street punk kind of albums. You've got your typical street punk kind of lyrics mixed with some powerful and shouty vocals. The vocals are then mixed with a punk attack style of drumming and simple but at times, sophisticated guitar techniques. The thing that caught my attention is the way the instruments are mixed together. The music is mixed in a way in which all the instruments are clearly heard and seem to write lyrics of their own. The vocals flow with the music like they were meant for each other and reminds me of bands such as A Global Threat and The Unseen. If I were to compare the style of vocals and music with other well know bands, I would have to say they are a bit tamer than the Unseen and the Casualties, but shoutier and faster than Lower Class Brats and Monster Squad. If you're looking for a new and unique complex sounding kind of street punk, this one is the one.

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