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Hotwired. (Self Titled)

by On The Streets Of Today Fanzine 1.50 from 120 Edward Road, Somerford, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 EW at 3AM, Aug. 1st, 2007
hotwired 1. Domestos & Drugs
2. Friday Night
3. Make It Count
4. Mr Know It All
5. Police Informer
6. Its Only Punk Rock
7. Thassa Rumun
8. Sick & Tired
9. Yob.

This 9 track cd is from a Norfolk band that sound like they are on a major label(or should be). Self released, well recorded this cd does them justice. Track 1 Domestos & Drugs, is a great punk opener, then Friday Night track 2, about getting pissed and being sick and making a fool of yourself, they do have an edge over a lot of punk bands, first of all they can play and you can understand what they sing about, they do have a very close rock edge to thier music, which shows on tracks 3 Make It Count and 4 Mr Know It All. The great guitar in track 5 Police Informer shows us all how good this band are, 6 Its Only Punk Rock what a classic song, track 7 is fast and hard and track 8 is a jumpy catchy punk tune.This band should be on a lable.They are jumpy, lively,loud,noisy, fast and Ugly (joke). Punk at it's best, seen them once they were great. Track 9 Yob finishes off the cd nicely, a song about the way they look and dress, being associated as yobs. This band need to be signed. Look for The Hotwired interview next issue.

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