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Questions and Answers

Ask Jack a question:

Question: Awesome set list!! Is there a way I can check it out now?

Answer: Yes, you can go to the Shows link and click on the show for the playlist and download the show from there as well.

Question: Basic rights of capitalism?

  • The right to own private property: This is the most fundamental of all rights under capitalism. Private ownership means that individuals can buy, sell, and use land, buildings, machinery, inventions, and other forms of property. They can also pass that property on to their children.

  • The right to own a business and keep all that business's profits: Profits act as an important incentives for business owners.
  • The right to freedom of competition.

  • The right to freedom of choice: People are free to choose where they want to work and what career they want to follow. Other choices people make include where to live and what to buy and sell.
  • Question: I have these things feeding on my ball sack. What the hell is it? Is It crabs?

    Answer: Pubic lice, or crabs, is an infestation of parasites that attach themselves to the pubic hair and other course hair on the body. The medical term for the infestation is called Pediculus Pubis and the parasite is called Pthirus pubis. Although pubic lice (crabs) come from the same family of parasites as head and body lice, they are not the same thing. Pubic lice can be cured with medicated shampoos and creams.

    Question: What kinds of questions do you answer?

    Answer: I answer all questions asked, including dumb ones.

    Question: Where can I find the answer to my questions?

    Answer: I'll answer them on the show, by email, or on this page, whichever is more appropriate.

    Question: What was the deal with that dolly parton you played? oh and by the way THANK YOU! your station is probably one of the few that i listen to an actually feel better after listening too.

    Answer: Well, I like old fashioned country music like Patsy Cline and Patsy was actually on a punk label at one point in time long long ago, but people didn't like it when I played Patsy Cline so I figured I'd put on Dolly Parton instead :) Glad you like the show!

    Question: Who are the bleach boys?

    Answer: From wikipedia:

    The Bleach Boys are a punk rock band from Hertfordshire who have been playing together since 1977.[1]

    Originally known as the Fur Coughs, the group's name was given to them by the philosopher Simon Critchley, and is a play on The Beach Boys. Over the years, the band have released a series of records including in 1977 their 7 inch single "Chloroform", which was featured in Record Collector as one of the most collectable punk singles. Recent releases have been all on CD, the latest being We've Got the Bomb released on their own Zombie International label.

    The most recent change in line up saw Sean leave to work in the Middle East, with Rob Hague ex of S*M*A*S*H stepping in as his replacement.

    The band played the Rebellion Festival at Blackpool, England, in 2010 and 2011 and earlier in 2011, recorded a new two track CD single with Andy Davis, who was responsible for their first CD. This was released in December 2011 and features the new songs Guantanamo Baby and Deathlist 2. Discography

    "Chloroform" / "You've Got Nothing" - 7 inch single (1978)
    "Stocking Clad" - 12 inch single (1982)
    "Children of Wallyworld Go Wild for Kicks" - Cassette (1983)
    4 Cyclists of the Apocalypse CD (1987)
    "The Bicycle Song" - 7 inch single (1992)
    Taking the O out of Country CD (2002)
    Brain Plug Ins Spaghetti - CD compilation (2004)
    We've Got the Bomb CD (2009)
    Guantanamo Baby/Deathlist 2 CD single (2011)


    Answer: Sounds like you've been infected with the Covid 19 virus!

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