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Song List

This contains the partial list of audio that the station has on compact discs, digital media, vinyl records (7", 12"), cassettes, and user recordings. Any audio or songs in this list are subject to be played. Any song requests made from here will be played on the next show. Songs that are not listed here might get played if they can be found. Have fun exploring!

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Buy or Request -> Destructors 666 - [Pow! That's Killmusik 666 Volume One: Revision] - Static Electric Repulsion Bomb
Buy or Request -> Mad Sin - [20 Years In Sin Sin... (CD2 Live In Hollywood)] - Dead Moon
Buy or Request -> Howlin' Houndog - [Goin' To The Country] - Cod'ine
Buy or Request -> Combat Crisis - [Face The Crowd] - Misled
Buy or Request -> Bad Engrish - [A Breed Apart] - Glory Days (Vinyl)
Buy or Request -> Butt Trumpet - I Left My Flannel In Seattle
Buy or Request -> Dirty Dead - [Carnivorous Lunar Activities] - No Room In Hell
Buy or Request -> A Global Threat - [Until We Die] - Everyone's Afraid
Buy or Request -> For Fuck Sake - [Trapped Like A Rat] - Got An Itch
Buy or Request -> Anti-Flag - [Mobilize] - A New Kind Of Army (Live)
Buy or Request -> *ask - [Discipline & Pressure] - Sin Is On My Side
Buy or Request -> Total Chaos - [Freedom Kills] - Final Solution
Buy or Request -> CCCR - [CCCR] - Bag Of Snakes
Buy or Request -> Hate This Shit - [Hate This Shit] - Atonement
Buy or Request -> Dirty Dead - [Carnivorous Lunar Activities] - No Room In Hell (Split With Ghoul Squad)
Buy or Request -> Susan Aquila - [Miss Conduct] - Why?
Buy or Request -> Cut-Offs, The - [American Standard] - 9 To 5
Buy or Request -> McRad - [50-50 Split] - Mondo's Revenge
Buy or Request -> Abuse - [Digging Your Own Grave] - Lawless Streets
Buy or Request -> Rudimentary Peni - [Death Church] - Love Is Not
Buy or Request -> Unit F - [American Shutdown] - Consumption Fix
Buy or Request -> Howlin' Houndog & The Infamous Loosers - [Loud & Live (In The Studio)] - Risin' Sun Blues
Buy or Request -> SFTM - [Too Weird To Live] - Bacon
Buy or Request -> Hate Is Just A Feeling - Demons And Beggars
Buy or Request -> 10 To Go - [Online Sampler '14] - Economics
Buy or Request -> Toxic Narcotic - [Punx Unite: Leaders Of Today] - People Want To Kill Each Other
Buy or Request -> Airs & Graces - [Voting At The Hall] - Refuse To Go
Buy or Request -> Jesus Fucking Christ - [Profane Existence #57] - A Living Hell
Buy or Request -> Roughneck Riot - [Out Of Anger] - Resistance
Buy or Request -> Uncomfortables, The - [Wigfield, MA] - Feeling Fine

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