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This contains the partial list of audio that the station has on compact discs, digital media, vinyl records (7", 12"), cassettes, and user recordings. Any audio or songs in this list are subject to be played. Any song requests made from here will be played on the next show. Songs that are not listed here might get played if they can be found. Have fun exploring!

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Buy or Request -> Zooparty - [UpOn9] - Why Must The Good Ones Die
Buy or Request -> 390 - [Demo] - Riots
Buy or Request -> Frenzy - [In The Blood] - Twice The Struggle (Half The Gain)
Buy or Request -> Dogsflesh - [Revival Of Species] - City Of Dust
Buy or Request -> Lot, The - [Drunk, Depressed And Desperate] - Fat
Buy or Request -> Bloody Turncoats - To Her Damn Tombstone
Buy or Request -> Anti-Flag - [Their System Doesn't Work For You] - I Can't Stand Being With You
Buy or Request -> Casualties, The - [Made In NYC] - Under Attack
Buy or Request -> Dub 8 - [Reggaesolska Vol. 2] - West Side Girl
Buy or Request -> Civil Disobedience - [Political Prisoners] - F**k The Will Of Gods
Buy or Request -> Decry - [Falling Again] - Raven
Buy or Request -> Mighty Fine, The - [Brothers And Smugglers] - Calypso
Buy or Request -> Shades Of Grey - [Shades Of Grey / Massmord Split] - Point Of No Return
Buy or Request -> Inazuma - [Inazuma] - Inazuma Rock 'N' Roll
Buy or Request -> A Global Threat - [In The Red] - My Neighbors (Vinyl)
Buy or Request -> Hate Is Just A Feeling - Rich Enough
Buy or Request -> Not Enough Hate - Murder Death Kill
Buy or Request -> Never Say Never - [Hymns Of Hate] - Ashes Of Society
Buy or Request -> Loose Skrews, The - [Born To Lose] - Don't Take My Hand
Buy or Request -> Whatever It Takes - [Code, The / Whatever It Takes Split] - Lips Surrendered
Buy or Request -> Surgery Without Research - [Earth Asylum] - Stop The Rot
Buy or Request -> Disposed - [Waste Not Want Not] - Get Away
Buy or Request -> Animal Train - [Premature Incineration] - Cold Cream
Buy or Request -> Harijan - [Split EP] - Hallux Valgus
Buy or Request -> Blameshifters, The - [Feast Before The Famine, The] - The Sharpest Thorn
Buy or Request -> My Son The Bum - [Beyond Therapy] - It's My Hobby
Buy or Request -> Leni And Carl - El Juguetero (The Toyer)
Buy or Request -> Macrohart - Both Worlds (Live)
Buy or Request -> Never Say Never - Beaverbong
Buy or Request -> Hate, The - [Authors] - Rooftops