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This contains the partial list of audio that the station has on compact discs, digital media, vinyl records (7", 12"), cassettes, and user recordings. Any audio or songs in this list are subject to be played. Any song requests made from here will be played on the next show. Songs that are not listed here might get played if they can be found. Have fun exploring!

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Buy or Request -> Astrobalance - [Retro As Hell (A Tribute To The Dehumanizers)] - Grandma, I'm A Drug Fiend
Buy or Request -> Flow 14 - The Best Days
Buy or Request -> Atomgevitter - Banned in GC
Buy or Request -> Crash Coarse - [Demo] - Dragon's Breath
Buy or Request -> Crash Coarse - [Demo] - Stay The Coarse
Buy or Request -> Soul 4 Sale - Down And Out
Buy or Request -> K.I.L. - [Time For Revolution] - Killdozer
Buy or Request -> eetsFEATS - Night Of The Amoeba
Buy or Request -> Alkaline Trio - [Crimson] - Back To Hell (Matt's Home Demo)
Buy or Request -> Alements, The - [Worst Foot Forward] - Worst Foot Forward
Buy or Request -> Final Fight - [Battle Of Corsair, The] - Inquisitor
Buy or Request -> Sweet Ones, The - [Stay Low] - Building A Spaceship
Buy or Request -> Civil Disobedience - [Invention Extinction] - Working Class Ass
Buy or Request -> Standard And Poor - [Stank Thing] - Forget Me Not
Buy or Request -> Decry - [Falling Again] - Strapped In
Buy or Request -> Nimbwits, The - [End Of The World] - I Don't Want You
Buy or Request -> Nazi Dogs, The - [Chase The Man] - No Way
Buy or Request -> Fester Youth - [Fester Youth] - Cops
Buy or Request -> Not Enough Hate - London Bombs
Buy or Request -> War Of Destruction - [Danish Collection, The] - Lejemordere
Buy or Request -> Drencroms - [Drencroms] - Headache
Buy or Request -> Destructors 666 - [Quisnam Vigilo Vigilo] - Identity
Buy or Request -> Shattered Faith - [Volume III] - Any Way You Want It
Buy or Request -> Black Tartan Clan, The - [Scotland In Our Hearts] - Scotland In Our Hearts
Buy or Request -> Scary Cherry And The Bang Bangs - [Girl] - Cut Off Your Head
Buy or Request -> P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. - [Another Day] - I Can't Turn Off My Brain
Buy or Request -> Moneybags - [Ignorance Is Bliss] - Narcotics
Buy or Request -> Battalion Of Saints - Hells Around The Next Corner
Buy or Request -> Razors In The Night - Carry On!
Buy or Request -> Destructors, The - [Ragnarok ~ 12.12.12] - The Final Bloodbath

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