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Playlist CP0157 - 10/02/2023

The Fondled - Cottton Candy & Blu Sox (Luke's Dead 7" is out of print)
Branch Manager - Anything Tribal Vinyl
The Voids - L.A.P.D VHS Tape
Classed Ridiculous - Going Underground - an old demo tape
Youth Brigade - Barbed Wire Vinyl
Teen Idles - Teen Idles Vinyl
S.O.A. State of Altert - Draw Blank Vinyl
Government Issue - Religious Ripoff Vinyl
F.Y.P - Piss on Rye Ripoff Music Cassette Tapel
The Fleiss - Anarchy On A Small Business Blog (Jan Norman's Blog) Double 7" Vinyl

All music played with permission. Thank you Recess Records, Dischord Records ++ others

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