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These were the collections of flyers from shows that The Punk Rock Demonstration has been a part of, sponsored, or affiliated with before myspace went under and lost all the pictures.

aug2309tropics August 23, 2009 Tropic's Lounge show. More info shortly.

aug409malones August 4th, 2009 Malone's show. More info shortly.

jul2609tropics July 26th, 2009 Tropic's Lounge show. More info shortly.

lacirlepitfest Los Angeles Circle Pit Festival. More info shortly.

glasshousevicesquad Vice Squad, The Lower Class Brats, Narcoleptic Youth, All Or Nothing HC, and Urban Decay at the Glasshouse in Pomona on June 19th, 2009. Interviewed All Or Nothing HC, Narcoleptic Youth, and Vice Squad. Only got to see half a Narcoleptic Youth song and a few Vice Squad songs because I was busy running around interviewing people, helping Urban Decay film Urban Decay, and chatting. Overall, awesome show. Haven't been to the Glasshouse in many many years. They seemed to have remodeled the place and made it much smaller than it used to be. Bumped into some people from the myspace, some old friends, some new people, and of course, the bands. On a side note, I think it was a conspiracy to have 3 of 5 bands with female vocalists, Joey Bondage and Beki Bondage, and having it at the Glasshouse when the Glasshouse hasn't had a punk show in over 5 years. On a side note, the Vice Squad interviewed turned out super funny considering we were all drunk and being ourselves.

june7tropics Tropics Lounge show on Sunday, June 7th, 2009 with On Switch, Punk As A Doornail, The Fleiss, and The Rest Of Us. The lineup changed a bunch of times, even at the very last minute. Even the flyer changed at the last minute. Very thrilling!

dvdrelease 21st Century Punk Rock Volume #1 DVD and VHS Release Party on May 24th, 2009, 9PM at The Tropics Lounge in Fullerton, California. WOnder how many VHS versions will be taken heh. The DVDs will be going for half price for that 1 night only. $10 as opposed to $20. Bands that are going to be playing are Superkill, KRAX, Dick Politic, and Sweaty Ball Bag. I didn't mark it a DVD Release Party until about 3 days before the event. Surprisingly, the show was very cool and a lot of people showed up minus Sweaty Ball Bags and everyone had a good time.

quadcountychaos This is the Quad County Chaos show at the El As De Oro on 10631 Valley Mall, El Monte, California, 91731 with For Fuck Sake, Destructive Bastards, Knocked Out Cold, Machinery, Morrow Liberates, The Neverland Ranch Hands, The Dischords, and The McDaniels on Sunday, June 7th, 2009. This show was originally supposed to be a re-throw of the Punx Attack Festival, but bands got added and dropped so many times that it got turned over to Piratical Productions and renamed to the Quad County Chaos since the point was to get bands from Riverside, San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties together for a show. The booking of it turned out good, but the making of the flyer was rough. Spelling errors, wrong bands, wrong addresses, etc etc made it quite a challenge to get the info out there. After all that, the show will be reschedueld because of various problems with the venue and the bands.

fear This is another Warfest benefit show happening at the Shore Ultra Lounge in Long Beach, California with Fear, Amerikan Made, Knocked Out Cold, Evacuate, Joe's Garage, Terezodu, Union 13, Sick Sense, and Alcoholic Heroes. There's supposed to be a pool party, fashion show, wine tasting, and a Live PM racing drifting demonstration. Supposed to be doing a live broadcast, but sounds like we should probably do a recorded one since it's an all day event. I know for sure that there will be an interview with Mike Virus of Evacuate and Cheap Sex.

antinowhereleague This is the Old Scars and Upstarts Tour show that's going to happen at Hogue Barmichaels on July 5th, 2009. The bands that are on it will be Anti-Nowhere League, Duane Peters Gunfight, Jakked Rabits, Last Gang, and Cobra Skulls. The show was originally supposed to be at the Yost Theatre, but was moved to Hogue's because the Yost wasn't ready.

funeraldress A 24th Anniversary Funeral Dress show not at the Pirate Gallery in Santa Ana with Mise * En * Scene, Machinery, The Morrow Liberates, and Tora! Tora! Tora! on April 18th, 2009. It was moved to Coconuts in Capistrano Beach because the Pirate Gallery was unavailable. Took forever to get this show moved. The day right before the One Way System show. Should have been a killer show but didn't turn out to be very killer. Got to interview Funeral Dress but was dissapointed at how it was 18+ and then 21+ after 11PM. It would have been a killer show if it was at the All Ages Pirate Gallery.

funeraldressbeer Another version of that Funeral Dress show with the free beer logo, disclaimer, address, and price changes. This flyer has evolved several times.

coloradobmx This is another Warfest benefit show at Hogue Barmichaels happening on April 10th, 2009 with a punk rock fashion show, The Voodoo Glow Skulls, Stupid Flanders, PSA, Disaster Zone, Not A Chance, Mr. Firley, and Red Devil Squadron. Going to attempt to do a live broadcast at this event and hopefully this time it will be live and not a pre-recorded live. Let's also see if any bands decide to drop off as well.

onewaysystem This show is going to be one of the killer shows that was going to be at the Pirate Gallery with One Way System, Poop, Revolt & Destroy, Thought Process, Billyclub, and Knocked Out Cold. Unfortunately, the Pirate Gallery was magically not available so we had to move it to this place that used to be called Shiver because there was a club night that covered the sign with Shiver. Added the Pogo Brats to the show at the last minute because they were able to provide us with a PA but the PA overheated because it was so hot that night. Overall, it turned out to be an awesome show and a lot of fun. Thought Processbroke up after the show so I heard and Billyclub didn't play.

piraticalmarketplace This was the Piratical Marketplace and Punk Rock Sideshow at the Pirate Gallery on March 22nd, 2009. There were a bunch of vendors including Rule Breaker Clothing, Tattoo Voodoo Kitten, Poodle Pix, Kreepy Klothing, Rock Paper Pencil, Sinners +, Warpees, Rockadeadly, Aye Mamacita, T.K.O. Records, Flat Black, Hoodlum Beauties, The Renegade Roller Girls, Gordita Y Que?, and more. Bands that played that day were Tora! Tora! Tora!, WMD, CCD, The Imposters, and The Bondage Faries. Two days of killer punk rock shows really killed my weekend...

endvice I was still sick when this show happened but it seems it turned out better than I had expected. Would have been nice if I was able to go to the show but damn flu!

punxattack3 This show called Punx Attack 3 Festival. The date and bands have changed a few times. It ended up getting canceled and moved to East Los Angeles where it was mixed in with some Los Angeles hardcore bands and punk bands. It got closed down after the second band played and was pretty ghetto. Dark and in a backyard of somebody's house.

warfest This show was at Hogue Barmicheals. Benefit show for Fsck Cancer and Pier Records called Warfest on March 14th, 2009. There was a punk rock fashion show and a bunch of bands like Total Chaos, D.I., WMD, Knocked Out Cold, The Crime, CCD, Joe's Garage, Media Control, and So Far Unarmed. Media Control didn't play. I was supposed to do a live broadcast here but the rats seemed to have bit through the ethernet cables so there was no internet. Tried to work around it with all sorts of technology but ended up just doing a pre-recorded deal and broadcasting it the following Monday.

piraticalbenefit This show was the first benefit show for the newly named placed called The Pirate Gallery in Santa Ana, California on March 21st, 2009. There were so many bands on here I couldn't even remember them all. Bands on there included Shattered Faith, Circle One, The Stains, The Dead Beats, The Strangers, Broken Bottles, The Dischords, Le Face, Unit F, Love Canal, Social Task, Mad Parade, Knocked Out Cold, Time Bombs, Life On The Bang Bus, Thought Process, and Dead Lazlo's Place. The Flyer was redone so many times from bands dropping off and adding on, color problems, etc etc. We gave up after a while and the lineup still changed. The only 2 changes that didn't make it to the final version of this flyer was Social Task didn't end up playing and neither did Broken Bottles. I was looking forward to seeing Shattered Faith the entire night but I got drunk and fell asleep while Shattered Faith played. Ruined my entire evening.

disasterus This was another show at Cero's on August 12th, 2008. Last show I ever did there before the place closed. Disaster Us was on tour and I had them play with The Rodents Of Unusual Size, The Fleiss, The Outskirts, Machinery, and Duralix. Duralix played way too long and pushed the last band (Machinery) to play after the place closed. The place closed at 1AM but Machinery played from 1AM to 1:30AM. It was cool though and everyone loved Machinery even though they played more aggressive than before because they played after the place closed.

blameshifters This was a show at Cero's on August 9th, 2008 with The Blameshifters, The Underclass Heroes, The Fleiss, and Duralix. The Underclass Heroes never showed up and never did hear from them since. It was also the debut of The Fleiss and the money box at the door got stolen. Overall, it was a pretty cool show.

nffu This was the second show The Punk Rock Demonstration has ever booked. The show was at Cero's bar in Anaheim on May 20th, 2008. It was booked for the touring band N.F.F.U. from Idaho. Other bands that were on the show included N.F.F.U., Poop, Death March, Infected Youth, No Justice, Sedition, Deminishing Device, Machinery, and Infected Youth. Infected Youth didn't play this show because they had already broken up by this point. Deminishing Device also died on stage at the end of the night.

hellcatnight This show was a Hellcat Night show at Ricky Genes in Lomita, California with Asyntax, Machinery, The Insurgents, and Infected Youth on May 18th, 2008. The Insurgents never showed up. This was the first show that The Punk Rock Demonstration ever booked and the last show Infected Youth ever played because the Guiles (the singer) lost his voice (and many other reasons which I won't mention). The flyer is also the first show flyer I've ever made also.


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