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Band Biography

     Defied is a five piece, aggressive, energetic, and motivational punk band from the streets of Long Beach. Defied is composed of Brian Zuņiga (vocals), George Romano (guitar), Regan Cacho (guitar), Melvin Trinidad (bass), Manny (drums). Starting out in 2000, Defied has been transforming sounds of raw traditional punk rock into a unique and abstract mix of punk and metal. This has proven to be particularly true with the addition of Regan in 2003, coming from a background of punk and metal. With Regan's mix of metal harmonies combined with the punk and UK82 sound of the rest of the band, Defied has created a new form of punk rock that has been making people think twice about what they are hearing. Some have compared the style of music as to those of early Unseen, Krum Bums, Casualties, and Dropkick Murphys.

      The music of Defied is brought to life on stage with Brian voicing out his words to the crowd below while moving to the beat of Manny's drums, George tearing up the stage with his amazing guitar performances, along with Regan headbanging to the metal riffs, and Melvin rocking to his distinct bass solos. With Defied's performing techniques, the crowd can't help but to grab their friends, raise their fists, and start moving to the music

      Defied has shared the stage with bands like Blitz, Time Again, The Havoc, Decry, The Skulls, Union 13, Orange, Static Thought, MDC, The Krum Bums, Left Alone, Resilience, The Voids, Narcoleptic Youth, The Scarred, and many many more. Defied also have their own self titled, and self released EP which has been out since January 2007 which has been regularly played on radio shows such as "Mohawk Radio" and "The Punk Rock Demonstration".

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