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Interview with Oddnote

by Kostas at 12:36AM, Feb 10th, 2018

Formed in the summer of 2017, Oddnote was born in the heart of Nashville, TN. Frontman Arman Asadsangabi, who represents a passionate and spirited persona, sought to create a deep spiritual and meaningful experience for the listener. Calling upon his prior experience in the Nashville rock scene, Asadsangabi created Oddnote with the intentions of blending the sounds of the past and present.

Kostas :: What type of band are you?
Arman :: Oddnote is a band that blends the sounds of the past and present with the intentions of influencing the future.

Kostas :: Tell us the brief history of your band.
Arman :: Oddnote was formed in 2017 by frontman Arman Asadsangabi in Nashville, TN. After recording its first album at DogFox studio in October of the same year, Oddnote's debut self-titled album was released on January 13th, 2018.

Kostas :: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?
Arman :: Some of Oddnote's musical influences include Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Queens of the Stone Age. We love to look at other art forms for inspiration in our music. Anyone who is creating art at a high level is someone we admire.

Kostas :: What are your dreams and goals?
Arman :: Oddnote wants to be a band for the people who feel "odd" and don't feel they have a place in society. Oddnote wants to be an outlet for them to gravitate towards. If we can do that for our fans, we know we have succeeded.

Kostas :: Who writes the songs, what are they about?
Arman :: Oddnote's frontman Arman Asadsangabi wrote all the songs on our debut album. He sought to create a passionate experience for the listener out of love.

Kostas :: How do you promote your band and shows?
Arman :: Oddnote has an amazing, loyal fan base in our hometown of Nashville. We rely heavily on social media to get the word out about our shows.

Kostas :: Describe your show, visual and musically.
Arman :: Oddnote's shows are full of energy from start to finish. The audience is 100% invested into what we are doing and we feed off of that.

Kostas :: What do you think about downloading music online?
Arman :: Although downloading and streaming music has given the listener access to a wide array of music that's never before been possible, it has inadvertently depreciated the value of music. Instead of listeners buying an album or two at a time and really cherishing it, they listen to one after the other. As a result, new albums today age much faster than the past. Artists in turn focus less on the quality and value of the album, but look to release a high quantity of songs for individual songs to be a "hit".

Kostas :: What's your outlook on the record industry today?
Arman :: The record industry is trying to keep up with the technological changes in our society, and it's trailing far behind. Its main source of generating money (album sales) isn't making them money anymore. This isn't sustainable. It must be forward thinking and figure out a way to move itself into the driver seat of the changes, or else they are in big trouble.

Kostas :: What's your claim to fame?
Arman :: I think our sincere joy of making music and sharing it with people keeps us motivated and inspired to be great. If that happens to bring us fame, so be it.

Kostas :: Tell us a story about a day in your life.
Arman :: Spending the day immersed in overcoming the resistance of not being just "average". Whether that's writing, recording, rehearsing, or anything we do in our lives.

Kostas :: What inspires you to do what you do?
Arman :: The environment we live in has a huge impact on us. We are inspired by the great bands that have come out of Nashville. They have laid the path for us to reach our dreams.

Kostas :: What advice would you give to fellow bands?
Arman :: Understanding what music really is, culture. For music to touch society and impact it, it must be progressing culture forward. Music should always reflect that.

Kostas :: How does music affect you and the world around you?
Arman :: Music releases the tension and suffering in us from the taxing society we live in. As the world chips away at us, music rebuilds us.

Kostas :: What's new in the recording of your music?
Arman :: Our first album didn't have anything too groundbreaking on it. We sought to create a dirty rock album that took our influences and experiences and combined them into one.

Kostas :: What are the biggest obstacles for bands?
Arman :: As a young band, we have had to build everything from the ground up. We still have much work to do to build our brand, but we are excited for the process.

Kostas :: What's the best and worst thing about playing clubs?
Arman :: The best is the potential to connect with new fans. The worst is they most likely aren't entirely invested into what your doing because of the distractions around.

Kostas :: Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there.
Arman :: This Saturday, February 10th we are playing a benefit show at Boulevard Record Shop in Nashville. It's going to feature a wide array of genres, from hard rock to hip hop. Some of Nashville's best will be on stage to help raise money for the further care of a rescue dog named Monti. Show starts at 7 and will end around 9.
On Friday, February 23rd we will headlining Rocketown in Nashville. It's going to feature some amazing bands on the bill, and we are expecting a great turn out. Rocketown is an amazing venue and there is no doubt that this show is going to be special. Show starts at 7 and will end around 10.

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